Happy Easter all

[Note: This was originally published in April 2011]

So sorry, I’ve been off-line for a few days after moving to my new location. Now residing at house number two in Magnolia ( thank you Bob and Carol) I get to drink my morning tea, no coffee now and eat my pear (I have to eat a pear every day to help things….slide along (if you know what I mean) Looking across the water to Queen Anne. I am feeling pretty good today because I am ordered off my chemo for the weekend. I had a particularly bad night last week with way too many trips to the bathroom , no sleep and a hemorrhoid the size of Manhattan, so painful it brings tears to my eyes. So, I get a break for a couple of days and I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I already feel better. I have a couple of friends over for Easter, we are dying eggs, so I’ll get to a proper posting tomorrow.


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