Going on my holidays….

 [Note: This was originally published in April 2011]

Well, not really, but I am packing a large suitcase (six weeks is a long time) and going to live in a strange unknown house in Magnolia, so it feels like I’m off on vacation. My friend and client Barbara has encouraged two of her friends, who are going on their vacations, to loan me their houses This is fantastic for me because I will be so much closer to the hospital and to work. So, no more commuting 4 hours a day for me…yippee. I’m so happy and grateful I can hardly stand it. Did I mention these houses are georgeous, with views of the water. I’ll be able to see the ferry coming in from the comfort of my …BED!
I am however very sad to be leaving my husband Peter and my three beautiful dogs and cats and the parrot oh, and I guess I’ll miss fresh eggs from the chickens too. Come to thing of it I’ll miss my house and my garden and seeing all my ferry friends every morning. Damn it! I’m thinking that this cancer is not such a good idea after all.

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