Fire Water!

[Note: This was originally published on Friday, April 8, 2011]

You read all the pamphlets and nod your head when the Doctor tells you what the side effects might be. Somehow, you think these must apply to those other folks, the ones with the less than strong constitutions and anyway, when was the last time you had a bladder infection? It wasn’t all that bad was it?…..FIRE! I’m peeing FIRE, oh this is just great; I have only been under Big Bertha’s power for three days….THREE DAYS! I’ve got five more weeks to go. Still, I do have my big help Tina not to go bankrupt party to look forward to tomorrow evening. It’s all very exciting. I think there will be a lot of you there. I need to say a big thank you to all my wonderful friends who have donated such fantastic items for the silent auction; it’s going to take all my will power not to bid on things myself. So be warned, you will want to spend money, can I just say… in Portugal anyone? On the matter of donations may I just say a gigantic thank you to everyone who has send contributions to me, your kindness is truly overwhelming


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