Cancer doesn’t sleep……

     [Note: This was originally published on April 14, 2011]

No matter what I try (sleepy time tea to Tylenol pm) I awaken at 2.35 each morning on the dot, it’s like my cancer alarm clock. I personally think I’m not too worried about my cancer but my dear old brain begs to differ. It is very quiet here, in fact I do believe I could hear a pin drop. So, rather than listing for it I’ve found it is better to just get up and pad around a bit, make a cup of tea, look at books in the library (yes there is a library here…oh joy) then potter back up the stairs and hopefully back to sleep. This does not always work and it’s wearing me out a bit. The thing is I seem to be waiting for the other boot to drop, little niggling things are happening to my body but nothing major…. as of yet! I am told three weeks is about the time to expect the sh*t to hit the fan (oh bad choice of words there} and of course, as always, I am impatient.


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