Better living through pharmaceuticals…..

[Note: This was originally published in May 2011]

Buenos días!

Happy cinco de mayo,unfortunately there will be no cerveza for me today 😦
I have to say this is all getting a bit crazy now. My anti vomit meds make me constipated, the radiation gives me diarrhea, the chemo does a bit of both so I take one drug to stop the effects of another one ……it’s a three-ring circus and I’m in every ring! Tuesday my lovely oncologist Dr G suggested I try a different nausea med but when I got home I read the small printed sheet of side effects I see that they prescribe this stuff for schizophrenia!………What! who’s been telling tales??? I am definitely not taking this, who knows what my little brain might do. I’ll just stick with the zofran thank you very much.

Today I pleaded the case for my poor old bum, the doctor took one look at it and immediately prescribed some serious pain meds…wow, what a sight it must be.
I am going to try to keep working but heads up to all my clients that have an appointment next week. I may not be able to make it. If I do we are going to have a code word, let’s say it’s PINEAPPLE. If during your appointment at any time I blurt out the word PINEAPPLE, I’m doening tools and off to the bathroom no questions asked and I might be gone for 5-10 minutes. Probably won’t happen but just in case.
So apart from these shenanigans I am feeling pretty good. Please have some re-fried beans for me tonight would you as anything with fiber is off my list of ….may consume..


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